<![CDATA[frankie annelouke bakker - frankie goes to japan. Blog]]>Tue, 09 Feb 2016 10:36:10 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Shingen-ko Festival]]>Sat, 06 Apr 2013 03:33:25 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/shingen-ko-festivalShingen-ko festival preperations have started, the city is littered with amps, electricity cabels and fold out chairs, and still rolled carpets. there are empty shop vendors linning the streets. - tommorow these no doubt will be hustling with deepfried foods and shingen-ko treats.  - i pedaled my way to the castle - ( peek at my 'to be fashion parade stage) - and it seemed weld walk right amidst the stalls and people. ( free audience ( :  .    - the centre stage at the castle ruins was holding a beauty contest. - the girls wadeled tiny we steps in there tight comonos, and answered a series of questions, with heaps of thankyous and nice to meetyous. ( one girl was a dancer... - i got bored and wandered around the park checking that all my parade assigned streets were still open.  - o and apparantly Kofu will be inviting a strom to my parade tommmorow.- onedollar shop umbrellas will look rather wonderfull with my collection i beleive.
<![CDATA[miso miso miso]]>Fri, 05 Apr 2013 06:37:22 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/miso-miso-miso
went and saw how they make miso!
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<![CDATA[sunday]]>Fri, 29 Mar 2013 11:50:45 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/sundayup bright and early , i walked to the train station and bought a baby blue ticket to  kiyosoto - "no stop over permitted" printed on the ticket - it would be a quick transit point at 9.43am. i knitted away, 9.30 - i asked the japense conducter, strach blue uniform with matching cap if we were close to my stop. - i had to go back 3stops . 30 minutes later i arrived at the transit point. Kebuchizawa, - my transit no longer matched, so i had a "non permeitted stop over" over 80mins, - cute little middle of no were town, the air was fresher and colder then that of Kofu.
Three shops were open on the thin steep road of houses and open land tattered with winter trees and dug soil. i found elegant paper and threads. a warm coffee from a vending machine.

i arrived in Kiyosoto- a forrest of winter trees spraying there branches into a tangled depth. I pranced in the snow, and snowballed an action shot. - only to have that high flung snowball land on my shoulder and down my back. - shireked a giggle that echoed on the quite highway. - half hour walk to the hall which held and art workshop i had signed up for. - arrived at 12.30 after walking through the cow farms of japan. - (the workshop finished at 12.30)

i wandered into the auditorium none the less, - a sound check started for that evenings concert. - i perched on a chair, awed, my heart started a continum cycle of bursting, - sometimes into shatters that blew in the wind, or swallows that flew into the sky, delicat china shards that fluttered into butterflys, blossoms, golden dancing fish,  - an overwhelm that let me have my 1st Japan cry.

i decided i should come back for the concert, - finding an atm to buy a ticket would be my 1st thing to do. - (station was the clostest one - 45min walk back down past the cows and the snow. - and the freezing windsikels.- ( the sun in kofu had told me a jacket wasnt nessacary, )  atms at staions are closed on sundays. my luck - 20mins further at a 7/11 i found a working atm. - now back the hour to the concert. - with a quick stop for a hooded 7dollar poncho. -  the concert was lovely, i left with signed cds, and permission to use her music in my documentaion film of kofu collection, leaving her with an invite to our exhibition. - during the concert there was a live artist painting - prejected above the winged piano. - i left with a signed painting.   - 6.30pm, darking, - i squeeled around the station taking self takes and drinking hot lemon hunnys from the vending machine waiting for my train.

home tired and rejuvinated ]]>
<![CDATA[March 24th, 2013]]>Sun, 24 Mar 2013 13:44:25 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/march-24th-2013hold your horses on todays beautys. think ill post those in the morning, might pop myself into the we futon and sleep some dreams.

just edditing this post with the zoo images, - as hadent posted them yet. - "travel cages"
<![CDATA[eeep , catchup.]]>Sun, 24 Mar 2013 13:13:59 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/eeep-catchupits been a week.  i have been a bundle of activity, - knitting, making a recylce boutique... i made ten dollars on saturday. i sewed bags from found slashed clothing ( these look rather good - i must say .raaa) -  wednesday i had dinner with Izumi and her family, which was lovely, and i got to practice my Japense . and eat alcholoic rice jellys for dinner with my spinach , - ( this is the left over irce pulp from 'sake' - fermeted rice,sugar, and a seaweed gelatine) ( melts like the most dellicate tofu you could imagine,stinging the tounge with a rich taste of sweet sake.). 

thursday i ate squid for lunch - rather optimistic, as i started to squirm a little when i picked one up with my chopsticks and looked into its sweet baby eyes, - there mouth anteen'a tasted alright, but sadly i have been ruined by the coconut crab dreams- ( dipping the crab meat into there stomach mucus.. which consists of a diet solely of coconuts and berries... (sweet and thai'ish flavour'..? - no! stomach bile mess, that had me choking with dry renches.. and admitidly i started crying with the shock when it hit my tounge. ) ( anyway i had a little go on the squid tummys, ... chewed, ... and tasted, - and forced another chew.. and spat the little precious out. - eek i couldnt. i tried tho...  after this lunch i went to the zoo,  --- which had a really lovely park with a fountain and blossoms next to it... and there was a cute bridge ... and the zoo toilets were rather nice... ( they have heated toilet seats everywere here! - no boils... boils? .. when the intestines hang out the bottom...not thinking of the correct term right now.  ( admitidly im writing this after a luchious peach fizzing bath with a glass of wine, needed to cool off- felt like ild be going to bed with a fever if i didint, so happily nakedly typing away.  today was possible the most beautiful day i have had! - okay lets finsish the zoo ... all the animals were still in there travle cadges.. ( the ones that are ropped to train carriages in old comics..)

   - i went to pref meuseum, -- met a lovley man - who, as you might have it- as a college boy used to bike to mt fuji! - from otimiskio ... ( or something) - i will attempt the bike ride again! -- without getting as destracted by the landscapeand cute roads as i did last time (lost) - -- also taking the train to his home town and biking from there.. much closer to the mt then where i am now (  :  

i have found some models for my fashion show, - garments are well iunderway now, less than two weeks to go!  - new blog for today . ( ill load some photos that match the catch up 1st ..  
<![CDATA[March 15th, 2013]]>Sat, 16 Mar 2013 02:31:39 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/march-15th-2013I firgured i should check out this gorge that seems to be quite well known of Kofu. - Shosenkyo Gorge , which seemed at walking distance. ( these maps here seem to be very good and making distances look like a freckle away) -  up the hill i trampled, - had to do a we "we want our molenburg, keeps us strong havent you heard..." on replay. to keep me going through that 1st bit.  had a steak morning tea at Chiyoda Lake. did a we drawing. ( the gorge was only an hour away from here)(apparantly) . walking , through long shady tunnels that felt like a never ending meat frezzer, i could feel my we muscles freezing up, and sped up my walking to make sure i didnt statue in the middle of the tunnel and be eaten of tunnel trolls.  - i walked up the gorge - searching the water fall, and saw boulders that shimmered silver fish scales from 1cent coins , that maybe all carried a differnt wish? . - i walked past the waterfall...? - ill never know i didnt see it, and up to the Arakawa Dam.  Getting close to two i headed toward the bus terminal, - which had an artmesuem next to it, filled with brightly coloured tissue paper works, that sat infront of lightboxes in a dark room, with aquatined music, it seemed like a vivid dream. ( the bus arrived and i felt like a queen being allowed to roll down the hill that had taken me 4hours to climb/explore).
<![CDATA[March 14th, 2013]]>Fri, 15 Mar 2013 02:16:43 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/march-14th-2013thursday! garbage day ( : - woke up like it was a birthday morning, hoping out of bed and hittin the cold streets, - my nose cold like a frozen mushroom. the air mustve been bressing across the white mount fuji.  - three garbage bags of recylced clothing came home with me.  - im thinking a pop up recylce botuique is in order! - crazy cute clothing that people throw away.

the chills of the day made it a superb night to go to a onsen (hot spring) , it seemed to be hidden down zillions of darkalleyways, all though i think my 'roomie' and my map 'miss'readings possibly enphasised the amount o alleyways . eventually we found it, removed shoes and ducked our selves through the red (female charachtered) curtain, . it was then a matter of peeling off layers of clothing , and entering the warm slightly steamy room. - four different baths, with blue stone brick's framing them. - at the door there were plastic stools and little tubs: taking one of each i sat perched on the little stool by one of the many showers that decorated the walls. my knees almost hitting the shower head, we washed our hair chatting cheerfully about our day, the coffee date chatter you can imagine from anytwo people. everyone was nakedly minding there own bussiness - ild never felt less self concious, nothing to try and orcawardly hide in uncomfortable swimmers. the baths were relaxing and we left feeling fresh anjoying the crisp night air. ]]>
<![CDATA[March 13th, 2013]]>Wed, 13 Mar 2013 11:55:25 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/march-13th-2013this morning after midnight snacking a bag of pistachios and pumpkin soup i had the energy to climb mt Fuji, i could see it on the map, couldnt be to far . - so i hoped on my new pal the no geared rather litlle bicycle, and journenyd outwards. - (with my christmas eye making my head turns at every street,sight, - ( cute man holes! - (post those another day- potenital art inspiration in those.) . asked about, and some how managed to get roads mixed up , ( :  - 3hours, still no mountain, - two lovley desk ladies at a rest home in the middle of orchard jungels, giggled in amused japense at my attempt to bike. - 50more kilometers up hills.! they let me leave with direcctions, a bottle of cold tea and honey sweets- so i headed homewards .. . so i thought, heading in all sorts of directions, - never to worried about being lost. only about being to tired (this didnt happen, potenitaly due to there delicious 1dollar iced coffees they sell on vending machines on everycorrner) I encountered the prefectural museum . So i went inside.. were i got given a free english tour guide!   . she was an intersting charachter, in the shape o a velcro life jacket, equipt with sound control, replay and a sensor that triggered a voice at everydisplay. - at least i could understand her. i learnt about the agriculture, some beautiul art, and took with me a whole heap of pamphlets that will keep the memory a little longer. - finally -getting close to 3pm an elderman lead me the way back to central Kofu, and i found AIRY.
dinner, rain, sewing, AIRY crew smiles

my first photo uploads.
<![CDATA[March 12th, 2013]]>Tue, 12 Mar 2013 10:04:59 GMThttp://www.frankiebakker.com/frankie-goes-to-japan-blog/march-12th-20132and finaly , today! 12 o f march 2013.
awoke with the sun again! - and got into my painting, ( bought a camera so can start posting my art!) - after its charged and ive figured out how to work it. - and sewing these garments. - lunch time, i figured ild search a camera. - near inmpossible but a helpfull man googled and prinited a map for me. sweetheart . - no bank or atm in that corner of town could figure out my card. - biked to this new store,! and spent a good halfhour chatting to the man about cameras (in simple english (:  - and found myself a beauty ( my card works in shops that take credit cards. - but still no cash - so far the family mart, and camera shop are the only two places that let me buy things! - getting dark by this point, as i took a new route home trying to find the zoo - and feast my eyes on new things. ( deffinitly could say it looks like i got eyes for christmas! ( :   ( thankyou timmy for that we quote :P  home in my flannel pajamas im looking at the possiblity of biking to mt fuji, - its hard to find on this map . 

im starting to think i wouldnt be surpised if i managed to entertain myself in kofu for my whole stay! so much to see and do.
- i really do like it here - starting to think it would be quite a nice idea to be here for summer to. - but im not taking that idea to heart yet ( : ]]>